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       ECM Electornically Commutated Motor
       EC Summarize of products
       EC Electronically Controlling Motor
       Summary of YWF Seiries axial fans
       YWF Series Axial Fans
       YWF Series External Rotor Motors
       Summary of LXF Series centrifugal fans
       LXF Series Centrofugal Fans
       YZF Summarize of products
       YZF Series Shaded Pole Motors
       YZF With Pin Terminal Motors
       YZF Series With Plug Motors
       YCF Series Capacitance Motors
       YZF Air Flow
       FAN BLADE
       YZF30 Series Shaded Pole Motors
       YGF Series Cross Flow Motors
       YJF Summarize of products
       YJF Series Shaded Pole Motors

      Hangzhou Weiguang Electronic Co., Ltd., which is the professional manufacturer of various fan motors, is a new-and-high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang province. Our factory has got ISO9001: 2000 certificate of the quality system, ISO14001 environment management system authentication, and ISO18001 occupational health and safety assessment series. Our products have got ...……


      YGF Cross Flow Motors

      YZF Motors With Plug

      EC Electronically Controlling Motor ECC102FA2HAxxx355/400

      EC Electronically Controlling Motor ECF10EA2DAxxx-350

      EC Electronically Controlling Motor ECM102EA2DAxxx

      EC Summarize of products

      GF Duct fans
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      ·Successfully held the 20...
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      ·Trademark got the famous...
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